What is the purpose of the delay pedals? Many people do not understand the true purpose, the effects, and possibilities when using, but when analyzing this issue, many things become clear. Best delay pedal — create a certain sound effect, which contains a whole block of effects, the purpose of which is to record the input signal to the carrier of the audio carrier and play it after a certain period. Due to this effect, the delayed signal can be played several times or be reproduced again in order to create a repeating, dying echo sound. Effects when using delay pedal range from sounds with a thin, barely noticeable echo effect to a vivid mix of previous sounds with new sounds. Best delay pedals are very important for matching the musical rhythm, in particular, they can expressly emphasize the sound according to stunts of the delayed sound and the passage of the sound cycle. They really provide unique and exciting possibilities, which are to add refreshing new effects to your sound and thereby enriching it and giving it a new life.


Best analog delay pedals

Analogue delay pedals are based on the chip BBD, which ensures the efficient operation of the function of sending an analog signal to an entire circuit of capacitors, whose activity is ensured by the execution of the clock cycle. There are specific limitations on the performance of the BBD chip, which makes analogue devices send signal in less time to a maximum delay level than digital devices.
Digital delay pedals are used as a basis for digital signal processing circuits – the DSP, which are important for the creation of so-called echo-sound effects. They have more flexible technology, provide more control over the sound and present MIDI technology. The signal control circuit is as follows: the guitar signal is converted to a digital front of the device and then back to the analog output signal, however, not all digital devices have the best A/D and D/A converters, but they provide a 24-bit resolution and high-quality audio conversion.

Empress Effects Tape – best analog pedal with tap tempo

Empress Effects Tape

The Empress Effects manufacturer has developed maximum-function delayed pedals that contain a signal-to-noise ratio that is equal to 103 decibels. The Tape delay pedal offers a wide range of options for installing and using tape delay, and setting the right ratio allows you to easily adjust the desired pace of sound. Compact housing, lightweight, wide functionality, all this, and not only you will get with tap tempo Empress Effects Tape.
The model includes filter and modulation control, which provides a wide range of flexible sound settings.
The “ratio multiplier” tap-temp function provides flexible settings for the sound rhythm, which each can customize individually to their own tastes.
Empress’s new Tape Delay pedal has an advanced configuration mode that allows you to customize any sound moment you need. This analog model provides not only high-quality sound but also the ability to set the tape delay speed and allows you to choose the ratio of fast tempo and a longer audio phase, which allows you to adjust the flexible audio configurations according to your needs. At a compact size, the device provides users with a maximum of possible features, including the ability to adjust the sound presets, adjust the tape delay, quiet signal switching, a filter that delays the signal delay and more features.

  • signal to noise ratio equal to 103 decibels
  • quick and easy installation for use of delay time
  • a wide range of options for setting the desired pace of sound
  • the inability to work with non-standard adapters

Donner Yellow Fall Vintage — the best cheap analog delay pedal

Donner Yellow Fall Vintage

High performance, compact, lightweight yellow aluminum case, mono foot pedal, which includes one input and one output, a powerful 9V battery, a battery status indicator, a power on / off switch, a simple and clear control unit, a maximum of performance and low cost, all of these factors make this device as highly popular as it is for buyers. The model provides a deep and granular sound since the filter and modulation control provides flexible sound settings, resulting in the sound of the song is completely in your hands.
The model provides the user with three handles – Echo, Feedback, and Time.
The Echo handle is needed to control the sound mix, in fact, it regulates the level of the effect of the sound delay, which is inputted while playing the sound. The more you lift this pen, the greater the effect of the delay of sound you will receive.
Handle Feedback. This mode adjusts the intensity of repetitions, the mode automatically determines the number of repetitions that are repeated at the specified user tempo.
Time mode – the handle determines the time interval between each repetition that occurred at a given pace. The model is not only simple, powerful and adaptable, but it also provides users with up to 620 milliseconds of time delay, which allows you to sound the sound and create the perfect sound.

  • power and productivity
  • compact dimensions
  • lightweight yellow aluminum case
  • the inability to work with non-standard adapters

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man – device for functionality and features

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man

Electro-Harmonix has created a device that provides organic sound according to the analog delay with live echo sound effect, the control unit is understandable for every musician, high performance and compact size, all of which has provided this device with a high growth of popularity and high sales!
The model provides you with a wide range of high-quality features for comfortable editing of sound. There are different types of delays that are required for different sound modes. The inbuilt model provides an intuitive interface for elements that are required for convenient functional operation.
This model allows you to easily and quickly synchronize the sound according to your own preferences, allows for flexible settings, direct control of the pace of the soundtrack, which allows you to easily and quickly synchronize the sound according to your own style and rhythm in accordance with all your tastes and desires. Advanced configuration mode, which is present in the model data, provides a flexible adjustment of all parameters and easy sounding of any melody.
This analog model is lightweight in operation, it contains a direct connector for the possibility of fast and effective mixing of the signal with the effects of power changes that provide the ability to change the speed of sound delay. The device provides 550 ms of delay, echo sound effect, vibration and LED overload of the model, which is carried out by full control over the power level.

  • multifunctionality
  • power
  • organic sound
  • the inability to work with non-standard adapters

MXR M169 Carbon Copy – powerful and functional

MXR M169 Carbon Copy

The well-known MXR brand has released the M169 Carbon Copy model, which has modern analog tones of delay, while compactness and small size of the model do not affect the power and sound quality, the model contains regulated modulation, a powerful 9V battery, which provides long-lasting operation of the device.
The control unit system does not take up much space, it is simple and clear, the glossy carbon fiber case looks very modern and beautiful, it complements the sound control unit, which has a clear, combined with the natural tempo of the sound between the guitar and the amplifier. It is a versatile multi-purpose model that allows you to use all shades of any musical effects and allows you to significantly change these effects with a variety of options.
The device provides 600 ms of delay time, including additional modulation, performed with the help of a three-way switch, the purpose of which is to control the time of the sound delay, as well as mixing the delays (dry/wet mixing of sound) and repeating the delay. Also, this model provides a wide range of options for adjusting and further modifying, directly by the user the range and modulation speed to enhance the tone of the sound.

  • analog tones of sound delay
  • compact size
  • high sound quality
  • high price model
  • limited selection of effects

Dunlop EP103 Echoplex – great echo sound effect

Dunlop EP103 Echoplex

Dunlop EP103 Echoplex has received high customer reviews and popularity thanks to the warm sound, natural effects of modulation and a high level of musicality in sound. Compact dimensions with high levels of sound effect have become key factors in choosing this device for many people.
The Dunlop EP103 Echoplex Delay, with its small size and a simple, clear control unit, has a high-quality 100% analog path for an unprocessed signal, fully reproduces the legendary sound of the EP-3. The Delay controller provides repeat times — from 4 to 750 msec, the “Sustain” handle provides the musician with the number of repetitions, and “Volume” is responsible for the original volume of the sound.
There is a special mode “Age mode”, in which the pedal enters the paging mode of the tape. This leads to the fact that the repetitions themselves become deeper and deeper, the level of saturation and distortion becomes much deeper. The processed signal undergoes a tonal metamorphosis, and the pure raw signal remains the same intact.
The EP103 Echoplex Delay provides a wide range of tempo synchronization, with almost four seconds of delay. Pure raw analog 100% analog in accordance with Constant Headroom Technology. The sound is extremely deep, the result of saturation and distortion becomes much deeper. The synchronization of the processed audio composition is extremely tone-changing, but the original sound is just as clean and untouched.

  • natural, warm sound of the sound
  • natural modulation effects
  • high level of musicality in sound
  • no onboard preamp

Best digital delay pedals

Digital delay pedal performs the exact copy of the digital recording of the original signal in real time, later the device performs signal mixing with each other. In each of the devices there are regular adjustments, in particular, this Delay Time — adjusts the time interval of the delay of sound, that is, how late will the recorded signal be recorded after the original sound; Effect Level control — Adjusts the specific level of the sound effect required by the user, that is, adjusts the volume of the repeating signal in accordance with the original, Feedback mode — provides the user with the number of repetitions that change from one to infinity. All digital delay pedal has 2 separate outputs, which are needed to switch the processed and rough signal to completely different locations. If you use a long delay time interval, you can get the so-called “wet” sound that is required to fill the slow solo notes in the ballad or to get a “cascading” sound, which allows you to impose and execute a certain sound cycle.

Boss DD-7 – best digital delay pedal in the price segment under 200

Boss DD-7

BOSS, a proven manufacturer of guitar delay pedals, has released a modern digital delay pedal, which is in the lower price segment, but the functionality, power and sound quality at an excellent level!
The manufacturer has used the best methods and features for the quality of the device. The model has an elegant design, lightweight, compact size and vivid colors of the case itself. The device itself is the size of 20 x 25 x 20 inches, the weight is one pound, the compact size complements the compact design of the device. There are 2 input and 2 output slots. The model provides impeccably clean sound that is capable of excellent reproduction. The control unit consists of simple, accessible and understandable controls for each person, which allows everyone to quickly, accurately and easily implement the sound settings you need. The BOSS DD-7 adds new high-quality features at a low price, which are popular in previous popular devices of the company for greater satisfaction and experience with the use of this model. The model represents the perfectly clean sound that is perfectly reproduced. It’s possible in a matter of seconds to quickly and easily make flexible sound adjustments.
The new compact DD-7 delay pedal has taken the best experience from its predecessors and expanded its enormous potential with the Modulation Delay mode and the additional simulated Analog Delay. With the DD-7, you can additionally control the external pedal, which provides a longer delay time. In this model, the increased delay time reaches 6.4 seconds. The current Modulation Delay mode changes the sound according to the specified tempo. The Analog Delay mode simulates the classic warm sound according to the analog delay of the BOSS DM-2. The present Tap tempo function is needed to set the time delay by the rhythmic tap on the external switch. The delay time, feedback, and level of effects can be controlled in accordance with the functions of the external pedal of expression. Up to 40 seconds is allocated for recording sound to sound (in Hold mode).

  • modern design
  • small sizes
  • lightweight of the model, which is 1 pound
  • noisy
  • requires a footswitch or expression pedal to maximise its potential

Donner Echo Square – best cheap digital delay pedal

Donner Echo Square

There are various sound processing effects: digital, analog, tape, reverse, and others. This is a budget delay pedal that has 3 modes for switching functions, including MIX, TIME and F.BACK. MIX. The MIX mode provides detailed control over the dry effect transmitted to the signal. TIME mode provides full-time delay control. F.BACK mode controls the amount of feedback. The model has a modern, innovative design, the body of this model is made of a classic, durable aluminum alloy, on which there is an LED indicator that shows the state of the battery. Three modes – MIX, TIME and F.BACK. M provides full control of all sound processes, effects control, and control over a variety of time intervals.
The model provides the user with various modes, between which you can switch to the Echo Square delay block.

  • lots of effects on sound processing
  • 3 hands-free modes for switching functions, such as MIX, TIME and F.BACK. MIX
  • modern design
  • could not save sound cycles

Boss DD-500 Digital Delay – best digital pedal with tap tempo

Boss DD-500 Digital Delay

The DD-500 Digital Delay is the most powerful and versatile delay effect pedal ever created. The device contains 12 different delay modes with exceptional sound quality, extremely functional parameters for editing sound, a graphical display, a variety of memory cells for patches, there are MIDI technology and many other effects for comfortable editing sound effects. The twelve modes provide you with a great opportunity to create truly unique sounds. The control unit is as broadly functional as it can be imagined. The handles on the effects control panel are even simpler. It’s enough to understand the principle of work and begin to create unique high-quality sound recordings. The 4 band equalizer, modulation modes, and other sound settings provide you with wide-ranging capabilities for generating deep and vibrant sound effects. The 32-bit / 96kHz DSP chip provides high-quality, detailed sounding of the musical effect, and with USB you can quickly connect to your computer to work through MIDI with sound. The following operating modes of the DD-500 are available: Standard, Analogue, Tape, Vintage Digital, BOSS DD-2, Dual, Pattern, Reverse, SFX, Shimmer, Filter, Slow Attack, Tera Echo. 12 different delay modes, thanks to which the flexible functional settings allow you to use not only the ability to edit audio recordings, but also allow you to use various patches, MIDI technology to create unique surround sound tones to enhance the quality of your audio recordings at all new level!
The DD-500 can be used to add unique sound to your sound and create impressive, breathtaking stereo-delay effects.
The LCD screen, flexible real-time sound control, and built-in controller make the DD-500 an extremely comfortable, innovative, modern, digital delay pedal that is now on the market. Stereo sound with a 32 bits / 96 kHz sampling rate, 12 effective delay effect modes for generating high-quality sound with control switches and a flexible control unit, all the user-required sound parameters, MIDI, USB technologies, in addition to the graphic LCD screen for fast editing and making the necessary changes.

  • high power
  • versatility
  • 12 different delay modes with exceptional sound quality
  • could not save sound cycles

TC Electronic Flashback X4

TC Electronic Flashback X4

This high-quality, versatile device is in the lower price segment but offers a wide range of high-quality features. The model has 16 types of delays, contains 3 preset modes for operation, there is a standard Tap Tempo switch, as well as an innovative exclusive TonePrint technology in the model. The model is simple, intuitive for each interface, the device has a nice, modern design with a tint of blue. Control knobs are located functionally for convenient operation. The model has the following dimensions: 13 x 7 x 4 inches, and its weight is 3.4 pounds. The model allows you to synchronize the sound according to your own preferences, adjust it, edit the direct tempo management, you can safely synchronize the sound delays according to your own style and rhythm. The process of switching between delays is instantaneous. TonePrint technology provides you with a wide range of options to set up a delay according to all your tastes and desires. With accessible and understandable parameters and flexible customization of each function, you can not only change the music pace, but you can also directly synchronize in accordance with the rhythmic peculiarities of specific musical compositions.
The pedal interacts with the innovative TonePrint technology from TC Electronic, thus providing a wide range of presets, as well as extending the Flashback X4’s tonal capabilities. The model contains functional interaction with TonePrint, allows you to fully control the sound using the four buttons on the control block, for complete control, there are 16 kinds of dilemma (12 ready + 4 slots under the TonePrint preset): Tape, Tube, Space, Analog, Analog w / Mod, Reverse, Dynamic, 2290, 2290 w / Mod, Slap, LoFi, Ping Pong, stereo input and output, stereo sound pedal input, MIDI input for effective synchronization, present audio selector responsible for double delay, power supply from a block of 9 volts, which comes along with the model in the kit, model made only with high quality component parts, in particular, it provides an opportunity to consolidate structural model in a convenient location, without velcro and with two rubber components that are mounted and kept at the right level to your device.

  • multi-functionality
  • 16 types of delay
  • 3 modes for comfortable sounding; Tap Tempo switch
  • takes up a lot of space in the room
  • could not save sound cycles
  • inability to create your own TonePrint

TC Electronic Flashback Mini – best digital delay pedal in the price segment under 100

TC Electronic Flashback Mini

TC Electronic has garnered all the useful functionalities of decades in one tiny body that has many useful features and features, and at the same time, its price is extremely low!
Electronic Flashback Mini provides many users with many useful features. For example, the model contains three regulators: Delay, responsible for the delay time interval, the Feedback controller, the element that regulates the repetition of the time interval of sound and the FX Level controller, a functional element that provides the volume of the sound effect itself. There is an innovative Audio Tapping technology, the essence of which is to provide the setting of a time delay interval. Extensive features for individual editing and customization are available features, including the TonePrint feature and the completely free TonePrint Editor editor, for mobile phones under Android and iOS operating systems, the Beam system is present, which greatly adds convenience to using the model, as it allows you to quickly synchronize the sound by sending it to your mobile gadget for further listening, the design of the model is extremely convenient and lightweight, compact size, lightweight, powerful battery, power which comes with a 9V DC adapter, all this not only makes this model extremely popular among users! There are many regulators available that provide the desired volume effect for a variety of sound effects, as well as a solid body that is fearlessly dropping and scratching.
The model comes with three functional modes, including Delay, and FX Level, which is responsible for mixing and the volume level required by the user for the sound effect. Except for high power at rather compact sizes of the device, developers have included various functionality here, including here the function Audio Tapping, which provides the ability to set the user the required delay time, the device contains support for TonePrint, you just need to download the Flashback Mini Delay needed presets created your favorite musicians, which allows you to create your own exclusive Delay sound, compact design, Beam technology, TonePrint Editor, True Bypass, power supply to the model from the adapter. 9 VDC, the choice of any of the known Types of Diley, including teip-delay, analog, classic 2290 and dynamic delay and attractive price make it extremely popular with a wide range of buyers.

  • miniature building
  • lightweight
  • three regulators for working with sound
  • could do with more than one TonePrint slot. PSU power only

Buyers Guide

How to properly use Delay Pedal?

Many people who are interested in creating unique sounds are interested in the question, in particular, how to properly use Delay Pedal?
First of all, you need to know about the correct use of delays, about their proper placement in the chain of the signal. The deployment of time delays will have a significant effect on the timing of your signal.
The sound level is required to clearly regulate how wet or dry the signal outputs from the device. When the handle reaches the smallest, lowest level, there will be no sound delay. When it is at the highest, highest level, the repeating sound of the delay will be at an absolutely identical level as in the sound source. The feedback button is required to indicate how much the number of times the sound will be repeated. The handle also sets an important parameter such as the time interval needed to set the delay time (its measurement is done in milliseconds). Adjustment and definition allow precisely to determine how the delay effect enriches the overall tone of the sound.

What’s the Difference between Analog and Digital Delay Pedals?

Analog delay pedals are used by the BBD chip, which performs the function of sending an analog signal through a series of capacitors in accordance with the clock cycle. There are some restrictions on the BBD chip, which makes analog devices send a signal in a shorter time to a maximum delay than digital devices.
Digital top delay pedals include digital signal processing (DSP) chips that are required to create so-called echo effects. They are more flexible, provide a broad range of MIDI control capabilities. The signal control circuit is as follows: the guitar signal is converted to a digital front of the device and then back to the analog output signal, however, not all digital devices have the best A / D and D / A Converters, but they provide a 24-bit resolution and high-quality audio conversion.
Analog devices sound extremely rich and musical, while some guitarists do not like to turn their signal into digital. Digital devices provide a wide range of features and features, including analog latency emulations, precise time delay control and many other no less useful features. The choice is yours!

What is the delay used for?

There is a huge amount of completely different applications. In particular:

  • SLAPBACK: Slapback delays are extremely short delays that are used to play guitar tones and are often limited to these styles
  • Doubling voices: The most effective method of delay effects is the doubling of the voice. In this case, the delays are reduced to a certain time interval, which in fact is not perceived as a phenomenon of delay
  • Longer, long delays: Using long delays can often be introduced into the musical part. They are set to the length of the notes, which are synchronized in accordance with the pace of the played piece of music
  • Two synchronized delays in one block: This effect is to send one synchronized delay in one block to the left, and the other goes to the right side of the stereo sound channel. Different sound patterns can be created in accordance with the setting of different delay times, which include different rhythmic relationships, including completely different size notes, different sound tempo
  • Modulation effects arise from delays, because of this, some signals are modulated, and then mixed with a dry signal

Are delay and reverb the same thing?

These concepts are closely related to each other, they create a qualitative echo of sound, they make it more effective, however, there is a certain difference between these two concepts.
Delay is a simple repetition of the signal, in the vast majority, it is an echo. The delay can be both one sound and most of the different sounds, depending on certain parameters, as it was set in delay.
Reverb — occurs when the sound is produced in a closed space, thus, many echoes are produced when sound is issued. The sound slowly decomposes due to the absorption of its walls, as well as the air present in the room. This is the whole difference between these two very similar essentially concepts.