Whoever has been in the music production industry knows that different places have different sounds. it is a simple characteristic of sound that it changes with the surroundings as the vibrations are different everywhere. In this text, we will be looking about how to add reverb to vocals to give different effects to a recording. Music Producers use different techniques to change the sound an instrument makes and the voice of an artist, which would help them to enhance the quality and the richness of sound.

We will begin by answering the question of what does reverb do to vocals?

Reverb pedals are known to give an echo effect to the sound so that it sounds as if its in a different environment. Music industry captures the moments of different physical locations and recreates them in a studio. Therefore, the actual voice effects of a location may not be received in it. To ensure that the listeners have a mesmerizing experience, it is necessary to process the voice through a reverb.

A reverb uses the reflection of a sound and increases its quality. The listeners feel as if they are hearing the sound in front of them. It edits the vocals in three different parts, which are early reflections, body, and decay. This encompasses the different amplitude of sounds introduced during a reverb. A benefit of using reverb on vocals is that there is a sound effect which is as desired by the composer according to the nature of the song or composition being recorded.

If we think about how to add reverb to locals there can be numerous ways in which an artist can identify the outcomes of the sound. It can be anything from a room, a hall or a chamber. The musician can even add effects of spring or according to different moments of nature.

There can be different styles, which can be used in conjunction with each other to produce different effects. There are numerous techniques, which can be seen while using reverb on locals. When we go into the electronics part, there are tools like compression, equalization that can help to get more results in the same composition. Many artists swear on the effects they get when using the right mix of reverb and using tools like pre-delay which can add wonders to the sounds.

One caution, which shall be taken while using reverb on vocals is that instrument, is the soul of composition and nothing shall come in between of that. If the reverb meddles with the actual sound, of the instrument without complementing it then it can have a negative effect on the sound and listeners may not feel the magic in that particular composition.

Automation in the music industry has eased a lot of pain, which the older generations of musicians faced. Repeatedly technology has boosted the things, which can be done, to music and we look forward to an ever-increasing enthusiasm and research in this field.